For some New Yorkers the city is an enormous jungle-gym and recess lasts forever…


Dedicated to promoting artistic Parkour culture through performances, social media, independent and creative film projects, photography, multimedia presentations, short documentaries, articles, educational outreach and career development since 2008.

Nadia Lesy serves as Bullettrun’s artistic director and choreographer, and her organization’s projects are made possible by the collaborative participation of the New York Parkour community and other, like minded professional artists.


Bullettrun believes that Parkour is more then an extreme sport, the latest fitness craze, or all about ballsy guys jumping between rooftops.

We are not saying we are against such activities. Yet without context, Parkour loses its’ artistic strength. A traceur is an artist, when he or she chooses to move through their environment in a novel way. Whether vaulting, striding or yes…even flipping, an athlete’s physical act transforms their surroundings for both witness and participant. This is why Parkour draws people in, whether they are watching a fight scene in a movie like Casino Royale or clicking on a YouTube video featuring a young man taking a leap of faith. This is why men and women, of all ages, are signing up to take their first Parkour class at a local gym, or meeting with friends to train in a park on a Saturday afternoon. Not just in New York City, but across the United States and throughout the world. We live in society where we are constantly told when to sit, stand and walk under increasingly narrow margins, especially for those limited by social mobility and economic circumstances. Yet Parkour offers anyone with limbs and courage the means to accomplish something extraordinary… and yet so human.

In the coming months, watch as Bullettrun’s site transforms into a Parkour art and culture blog. Like always, we will be creating our own content and creative projects. But if you want to contribute your unique voice, please do not hesitate to contact Bullettrun’s creative director, Nadia Lesy.

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Photograph by (c) James Starkman

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Holiday Gym Jam & Group Freestyle Competition Videos

Bullettrun and The Gym Park Host “The Halloween Gym Jam”
By Nadia Lesy
Every month, dozens of men and women gather at a gymnastics gym in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to attend a free event known as, “The Gym Jam”. The event is hosted by Bullettrun and the Gym Park. In addition to the group freestyle competition, all guests [...]

Photographer Andy Outis Captures Parkour In Action at Coney Island

(C) Andy Outis 2013

For several years, photographer Andy Outis has been documenting Parkour culture, and members of the Parkour community,
throughout New York City.
Outis recently journeyed to Coney Island, Brooklyn to photograph a Parkour “jam” and captured some amazing
moments with his camera.

When not photographing Parkour on the streets, Outis serves as art director and designer at New York [...]